A yappy yam of some repute, voracious reader, spontaneous singer, wannabe photographer, reluctant cook, obsessive chocoholic…

But foremost and always: A Writer


15 Responses to “About”

  1. are you by anychance my school friend (from QMS)

  2. Your recent article was splendid.

  3. Yeah, the last sigh. well I think u write so articulately, why don’t u write something on ‘Marvellous ways of writing’. It would be a good one for ignorants like us.

  4. and i wanna thank you for your perception of my works and highlighting me in your vote! you made my day really.. 😉

  5. hi …. Have you worked with http://www.india.gov.in/

    if yes, you could be of great help to me. Please reply on my email Id so that i can get in touch with you. I am copy editor with a leading news website.

  6. I am a fresher in journalsim bt really like the way u rite…hope vl learn alot frm ur writing style..

  7. Thanks a bunch for taking out the time to read Abhishek 🙂

    Writing is pure joy and therapy and cathartic…..all rolled together for me.

    Which article on NDTV did you comment upon?


  8. Pls do so coz I still cannot see the comment reflected in the said article…moderation might not be high on the priority of the content team at ND I guess 🙂

    Btw….like your piece “the shadow of me”…I suggest you put a background image on ur blog and also some description about yourself. Will add to the overall reader experience…..

  9. You can add a description about who you are.. you know…a spontaneous rendering of your personality and what you do. It helps readers relate….

  10. Hi,

    First, I don’t think that anyone out there would be eager enough. Secondly, if there be, then too, the odds are a million to one. In my own words “It wasn’t thee, just a shadow..rest you know.”

    – Meghdutam

    PS: check out http://www.veeransh.com (My childhood friend and a ghazal writer)

  11. Sorry for the late reply mate…hope you had a lovely diwali 🙂

  12. Hi Kindly provide me with your mail id.
    Want to discuss on some projects we have.

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