When in China ~~ Grin interrupted

So, hubby and I were getting set to herald another month as a newly-wed couple in the land of the Great Wall when IT happened. Woe was us as dental emergency struck! And boy, it was bad. I had suffered a bout of severe toothache when in India, but had powered through without having to visit a darned dentist. Now that it had gotten much worse, read painful, I had no option but to give in and take the dreaded path towards that godforsaken chair.

There was just a minor glitch; we were in China and our doctor didn’t happen to speak English. Voila!

So, there I was sprawled uncomfortably in the chair with a wide-eyed stare as my husband tried to explain the situation to the doctor on call. A million hand gestures and numerous WeChat translations later, she took a peek and muttered something. My husband responded with a flustered look on his face, “I am sorry, but I don’t understand what you are saying!” My stare grew even wider and so much more horrified.

What if we are not able to explain ourselves to her? What if she decided to take an extreme course of action and pulls out something from my jaw? What if she asks me something critical during the procedure, and I nod without understanding? My mind kept playing out these worst case scenarios, until hubby decided to call in some help.

It’s a month later, and five gruesome sittings have led to a successful root canal being administered. Each sitting was preceded by and ended with a phone call placed to a very kind female Chinese colleague of my husband’s, who had the entire treatment figured out with the doctor and then conveyed the same to us.

Each sitting was also preceded by and ended with a grinning and then a doped-up looking me – in that precise order – giving a thumbs up to whatever my dentist said, assuming all was good 😀


‘When in China’ is a collection of short episodes from the daily life of a newly hitched expat couple who have travelled across the seven seas (disclaimer: the writer is known for succumbing to well-meaning hyperbole, so please to not take the previous claim literally) to reside in the land which is home to the super awesome Kung Fu Panda Po!

~ by eugenicist on November 17, 2015.

6 Responses to “When in China ~~ Grin interrupted”

  1. Glad that you finally got your tooth fixed and glad that someone came to your help too. I wouldn’t worry about the people in China though, I’ve been visiting on and off and I find the people there to be warm and helpful. I do love your fresh style of writing with a dollop of humour though.

    Style.. A Pastiche!

  2. oh dear now that’s a pickle. 🙂 But glad it all worked out fine 😀

  3. Hi Megha, Can i get your email id please.

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