When in China ~~ A ‘brow’haha indeed

So, hubby decided to take me to this great salon he had come across in the same complex as our gym. All I needed was to have my eyebrows shaped, for lately I had begun to look like Bluto from ‘Popeye’; well, maybe just a tad! We approached the stellar looking premises with gusto. Hubby was all gung ho and pacifying a relatively cynical me, who thought the endeavour would be a total bust if we did not find someone in there who spoke a little English. And boy was I right!

From translating through an app to wildly gesticulating, we tried it all. Even an English speaking lady who was contacted over the phone by the staff there was of no help, as she thought I said “I want my eyebrows shit”….instead of shaped (remembering that moment now I cannot help but roll on the floor laughing :D) . Frustrated beyond compare, hubby went on to tug at some tassels tied around the neck of a ceramic cat on the counter to get the word ‘threading’ across; all this while I had given up completely, and was now a resigned-to-my-fate albeit thoroughly humoured spectator.

That night was the night I brought forth from amongst my sea of possessions lugged in from India my one almighty saviour – a humble plucker (which managed to accomplish the said task to a small extent).

And thus the days go by, with my search for a not-so-overpriced salon with English speaking personnel still underway. So, the next time you spot me somewhere be sure to compliment me on my statement-worthy unibrow.


‘When in China’ is a collection of short episodes from the daily life of a newly hitched expat couple who have travelled across the seven seas (disclaimer: the writer is known for succumbing to well-meaning hyperbole, so please to not take the previous claim literally) to reside in the land which is home to the super awesome Kung Fu Panda Po!


~ by eugenicist on October 24, 2015.

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