Sonnet # 107

Oh, for the love of god! Pray isn’t it enough?
Smiting the sinners ain’t a job that tough

You sit in judgement and you make them bend
Aren’t thou supposed to also some succour send?

We helm, we haw, we yell, we cower
We look up from dead ends for blessings to shower

Purgatory is one certain road to self-discovery
But sure there must be an end to this drudgery?

Take me to hell or to heaven thee me destine
For in the middle is where I wither away
Be it rings of scathing fire or halos pristine
I seek to know my final place and in it serenely lay


~ by eugenicist on October 31, 2014.

9 Responses to “Sonnet # 107”

  1. hohoho,
    that’s a skillful write.

  2. strong voice,
    sweet and hopeful spirit to think about,.,,

  3. we can never tell where we are,
    especially after we end our life on earth,
    amazing wonders there.

  4. handsome one….

  5. Still learning to write sonnets. loved this tight structured piece.

  6. love the rhymes.

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