A Sliver of Shimmer (The End…)

The sky was bathed in varying hues of vermillion and blue. The water felt tepid still, as it rolled in soft waves towards them.

Arissa delightfully curled her toes into the wet sand, even as she struggled to hold onto her sarong skirt which threatened to unwrap itself in the strong seaside wind.

Anant lounged lazily in the hammock nearby, smiling at her predicament.

How he loved to see the spontaneous side of her! One where she jumped and laughed and ran and played practical jokes on him. One where she clicked away gleefully, as he dutifully played her assistant.

Arissa ran towards him and tried to climb alongside into the hammock. The sudden weight toppled the swing and Anant fell flat on the ground, while she managed to stay on her feet.

He grimaced audibly, while she doubled up laughing!

“Sweetie! What is the matter with you?!” he groaned.

“What is the matter with me! What is the matter with you? You are behaving like an old man!” Arissa squealed.

“Come on! Get up quickly. We have so much to do! We have so much to see today! I want to click like a thousand pictures!”

“Ya..ok. Let me just snap my back in place again,” Anant mumbled as he hauled himself off the ground.

It was indeed a task to keep up with Arissa when she was in the midst of one of her joyous, adventurous sprees. But it was the one task which he enjoyed doing to the hilt. The one task which he would gladly carry out till the end of time.


“Hey! There they are.”

Pratik’s voice felt like a call coming in from somewhere far.

Anant turned in his seat to look at where he was pointing. The sudden jolt into reality left his heart beating uncontrollably.

The next hour flew by in frantic enquiries and calls. They finally gleaned an address out of the authorities, which belonged to a hospital in the nearby suburbs.

Anant frantically rushed into the hospital, followed by Pratik and a few of their close friends.

There was only one accident case from that area, which had been admitted the past day. The victim in question, a woman they were told, was in Room 105.

Anant ran up the stairs with a speed and alacrity he rarely displayed. But he stopped dead in his tracks, as he reached the doorstep. His feet felt like turned to lead. He couldn’t bring himself to enter the room for the fear of the specter that awaited him.

Pratik caught upto him, and was surprised to see Anant standing near the door of the room with a blank look on his face. He pulled at his arm, dragging Anant into the room.

She lay peacefully on the bed, her forehead and left arm bandaged heavily.

Anant sat gingerly near her feet at the foot of the bed. A tear escaped his eyes and rolled down his cheek.

The doctor came in and informed them that Arissa had been brought in late last evening with several injuries. He assured them that she was alright, and thankfully the head injury was peripheral.

She had been sedated in order to minimize any pressure to her brain, while they did all the required tests in order to ensure that there was no further cause for caution.

After bombarding the doctor with innumerable questions regarding her condition, Anant finally heaved a sigh of relief.

He bid Pratik and all their friends goodbye, after ensuring them that he will be fine and will call if he needed any help.

He took off his jacket and hung it on the chair kept in the room. As he did so the box in his pocket rattled against the wooden leg.

He smiled wistfully and gazed out the window at the early morning sky, as he remembered his plan for the night gone by. This was not even close to how he had imagined it to end.

But his entire world lay ensconced in that woman sleeping without a clue as to what went on around her.

This day would come again, this perfect night will be brought to realization, that blue box will soon lose its dazzling occupant which will then assume a position of pride on her hand.

He planted a soft kiss on Arissa’s forehead before settling into the chair.


~ by eugenicist on March 17, 2014.

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