A Sliver Of Shimmer (III)

Anant drove around aimlessly for a while, asking random people near his locality if they had seen a red Hyundai Grand i10 with the number DL 3C AB 5294.

He slammed the brakes hard and sat quivering inside the car, desperation and worry writ large all over his face. A thousand thoughts and scenarios flashed across his mind’s eye as his sweaty palms gripped the steering wheel.

It was high time he called her mother. He was sure she assumed Arissa was working late and hence wasn’t yet home.

It suddenly dawned on him that Arissa’s mother was out of town. Would it be sensible then to trouble her with something like this? She might just try to rush back at this hour.

After pondering over it for a minute, Anant decided against calling her.

He sat thinking about his next move when some belligerent honking shook him out of his reverie. He realized he was blocking the traffic, and proceeded to move his car to one side of the road.


The next half an hour saw Anant calling all of his and Arissa’s common friends to ask after her, and enlist their help in looking for her.

Next, he dialled 100 and waited for someone to answer. He swallowed the lump forming in his throat as he described the details of Arissa’s  disappearance to the operator on the other end of the line.

Now what? He thought to himself, feeling a helplessness that was totally debilitating. Do I just sit and wait for the police to do their job? Is there nothing I can do to help find her sooner?

He drove back to his house to find his best friend Pratik pacing up and down the parking lot beneath his building. Finally! Here was someone he could trust to come up with some good ideas!

They reached out to Arissa’s mobile service provider in order to pinpoint the last known location of her cell.

A visit to the nearest police station followed. Soon two search parties comprising close friends were organized, and areas divided amongst themselves.

And thus began the search for Arissa.


Anant’s heart raced faster with every passing minute.

So far they had had no luck with their search. The police too had no updates, and neither did the mobile service provider. A call from Mrinalni, a colleague of Arissa, soon changed the environment in the car.

Mrinalni’s husband had enquired and discovered that Arissa’s car had been towed and taken to the public compound near their house, which was located on the way to Anant’s and thus fell on Arissa’s route that evening.

On further enquiry it was discovered that the car had been towed from a spot where an accident had occurred the same evening.

Anant sucked in a sharp breath, as Pratik disconnected Mrinalni’s call and swerved sharply in order to maneuver the car in the direction of her house.

Pratik turned his head sideways to glance at Anant. His face had lost color and his lips looked parched.

She better be ok, or else I don’t know what I will do! He muttered out loud.


~ by eugenicist on February 13, 2014.

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