A Sliver Of Shimmer (I)

“…and there it lay, glittering like a star, on a bed of velvety scarlet.”

Arissa smiled dreamily as she concluded her piece on the most famous diamonds in the world. It was to go into print the very next day, and she had taken a long time with it – much to the chagrin of her editor.

Sharmila Thackeray had a set of iron-clad rules when it came to deadlines and submissions, but Arissa was one of the favoured few who managed to sneak past the barricades.

She slowly rolled her neck backwards to ease the knots that had developed as she had sat for hours uninterrupted in front of her slim black machine at office. “But, it had been so worth the effort!” she thought smilingly.

There was something that clicked within her when what was being discussed had anything to do with diamonds.

It wasn’t about the price tag that came attached to them. It wasn’t about the status that one is assumed to enjoy when donning these sparkling marvels of nature on their person.

And although hard to believe coming from Arissa, it was neither about the envious looks that came one’s way, especially from the fairer sex.

It had everything to do with the immense luminosity, grace and ethereality that signified these dazzling rock formations.

She was fascinated by the various cuts, shapes and color of these stones, and would gladly exchange a humungous pile of gold for a single solitaire in return.

Arissa fished her cell out of her handbag to check if Anant had called.

“10 missed calls!” she muttered horrified. He would be hopping mad and extremely worried; Arissa thought as she hurriedly gathered her things and ran towards the elevator lobby.

As soon as the elevator doors opened onto the ground floor, she scampered out, walking straight into Anant himself who steadied her with his strong hands.

“Oh! You are already here! You must have been waiting for a while na,” she whispered with a childishly apologetic look.

“I am so sorry baby! I completely lost track of time. You know how I get when I am writing,” Arissa mumbled as they both walked towards the parking lot, with Anant looking at her. He had not said a word till now.

“The cell has a use, you know. One is supposed to pick it up when it rings. I am sure you know as much,” he said in a low yet strong tone.

Arissa stopped dead in her tracks while Anant kept walking. A few seconds later he realized she wasn’t walking alongside. He turned back.

There she stood, with a hurt scowl upon her small face.

“I said I was sorry! It wasn’t like I was roaming the streets of the city in the dead of the night all by myself! I was working! And I was in office only! And you were standing right here! And you also don’t answer your phone when you are busy! It’s not just me!..” she rambled on.

Anant grinned; he absolutely adored her in this avatar – fiery, petulant, with her face flushed red and her gorgeous hair flailing about.

He walked back to where she stood, with both his hands outstretched in front of him.

“Ok, ok! Relax honey. I was just saying you should have checked your cell from time to time. I am sorry if I was rude. Now come, let’s get home. Ok?” he said as he slid his large arm around her shoulders, prodding her along.

To be continued…


~ by eugenicist on November 16, 2013.

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