Sonnet # 105

Was it a mere sleight of hand that made God create thee?
Or was it a persevering attempt to affect my spiraling fate?
Were thou shaped to take me for the world to see
The trials of a duo who staged return from hell’s gate
The scarlet innards of which emanated a feral heat
Wherein languished I, thy lover for long in disgrace
My pained heart danced to a crazed beat
As I lay dying, imagining your divine face
With calloused fingers I traced that glorious visage
Tears perched atop mine, like dew drops ready to slide
A sudden twinkle gleaned I from a magical mirage
Scurrying from the keepers of the dead to hide
For it was you indeed, my spot of sunshine in the gory dark
For it was you alone who breathed a song into the lifeless lark


~ by eugenicist on September 25, 2013.

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