Sonnet # 102

Parting doth entail a sorrow as sweet
As a dab of poison on candy smeared
Beings bereft and burning in a blinding heat
Their lot not to be coveted but feared
The lesser mortals around do all but ponder
Offering no more than trivial altercation
Pray, why do them duo in such agony wander?
With the dainty trio sitting in stony consultation
Mulling what to weave into the thread of life
A web so dense as to shame a convoluted maze
With a heart left to bleed atop edge of a knife
All enveloped in a deathly, venomous daze
What lay beyond the gates of this heaven imagined?
Succour for those in throes of love, or spite for them who sinned?


~ by eugenicist on April 11, 2013.

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