A Drop in the Sea

Glistening, it rolled down a cheek to rest on a lip

Caught a beam off a drowsy Apollo sinking into the sea

Yet another clung to the iris, then edged to the tip

Clinging to a pair of winged peepers like dew to a pea

You sat staring at me from afar with a daze in thy eye

Moist from years of harbouring pain and crippling fear

The powers-that-be sat in wonder gazing from across the sky

As I pulled at thy arm and sat thee near

What is the tale that binds these two? they sought to know

While I let the horde of unshed tears freely flow

All the while hoping if only time for us would go slow

With my heart and soul tied up in a neat little bow


~ by eugenicist on March 12, 2013.

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