She pinned the errant lock back in it’s place
smoothed the wrinkled front of her dress
stretched tight over her ample person
and looked up slowly to stare at that face

eyes, once beautiful, peered from across
set in a face, once pretty, now devoid of gloss
they blinked in curiousity at the one who stared back
the fiery pupils now a mere dullish black

In exhaustion steeped from inside out,
with not will enough to even shout
in a festering illness it breathed
not a seemly sight for one’s eyes upon to feed

She looked away in dismay, a picture of despair
The mirror held the image of her beyond repair

Why to burden him with a visage so altered?
As he wondered where life for him had faltered?


~ by eugenicist on February 2, 2013.

2 Responses to “Doppelganger”

  1. A poem like this deserves its own double–the view by HIM or, perhaps the view from the mirror. Loved it.

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