Adventures of the Last Crusader – VI

The rollercoaster of a day he had just hurtled through finally begun to take its toll on his body as J massaged his neck, feeling the bunched up knots of tension beneath his fair skin.

He decided to call it a day, as the sun set on the enormous architectural gem he had just feasted his senses upon. Newer turfs lay ahead for him to explore and scour through the next day.

Jona stepped out of the mosque area and asked a hawker for directions to the Old Vine Hotel. Supposed to be situated a mere 2 minute walk away from the majestic Umayad, this hotel was part of a structure which was rumoured to have been around since the 17th century.

Built around a central courtyard with lemon trees, sprawling vines and vintage fountains for company, the Old Vine promised a relaxing retreat to a very exhausted J.

Steeped in old world charm, the hotel was a treat for the eyes. J looked around in slight awe, as the porter lead him up to his room. He had little expectations from a booking he had made off the web, but Damascus was all set to impress him tonight.

Located right on the terrace, Tayara was the name given to the highest room of the establishment. Boasting of a brass bed and some splendid pieces of arabesque furniture, it was painted in the hues of blue and offered a stunning view of the Umayyad and the picturesque courtyard below.

J tipped the porter, who was all smiles as he closed the door behind him. He stretched and flexed his impressive shoulders to dislodge some of the tension from the muscles.

A strangely comforting aroma wafted towards him from the rosewood-coloured wooden almirah standing in the corner.

J closed his eyes and breathed it in, as images from the past flashed through his mind; a wooden cabinet full of books, old and new, a cloud of unruly, satin black hair sprawling around her face as she sat cross legged on the floor, mulling which book to read next.

An audible groan slipped from his mouth, as J opened his eyes and threw himself face down on the bed.

To be continued…


~ by eugenicist on December 25, 2012.

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