Adventures Of The Last Crusader – I

“Airman Jona M,” he announced in a calm but assertive tone, as the brunette ‘wo’manning (now girls do that too! so why the ‘manning’ eh?) the reception lazily looked up, only to do a double take of the impressively built guy standing in front of her. Although of an average height, he had an aura of mystique about him that made people sit up and take notice.

She smiled at the mention of his full name, and proceeded to say something witty with a flounce of her lovely head of dark brown hair. But Jona was already walking by then into the direction of the elevator.

True to his name, Jona was a guy who could be as complex or as simple as you wanted. Sometimes even both at the same time.

He would seem all pliant and accessible in one second, yet in another he would go so off the radar that reaching him would be like breaking through Alcatraz.

He could feel a restlessness about himself today. But then again, being restless came as no surprise to the young man, whose immense thirst for knowledge and novel experiences stretched far beyond the grasp of the crowd milling around him.

The indicator flashed a fiery red.

And for a moment, just in that split of a second, he stood absolutely still as the elevator doors slid open in front of him.


Jona stepped out of the shower closet and began to wipe the steam off the bathroom mirror. The urge to play tic-tac-toe on the hazy surface beset him suddenly, as a smile crept upon his lips and transformed in one moment this all too serious guy into a kid, into someone who used to love the little frivolities before ‘life’ took its toll.

His hand stilled, as the memory of what had recently transpired flashed through his mind’s eye.

Jona stumbled back with a start.

Was he imagining it all?

An epiphany? A day dream? Or merely a random vision conjured by an exhausted mind?

“Just what the hell was that?!”

He mulled and mulled, only to find himself standing in the bathroom still, with his palm flat against the silver surface, as the evaporating haze made way for clarity.

With a shake of his head, Jona squared his shoulders, as if preparing for battle. His mind did a quick inward scan of the supplies available for the encounter. He took into account all the pros and cons of the situation, with an alacrity that was unique to him.

A weathered pair of denims, and a short-sleeved tee that afforded the ever-fawning females a glimpse of the barbed wire tattoo on his arm, one quick look at the dressing mirror and the warrior was ready to leave.

To be continued…..


~ by eugenicist on June 26, 2012.

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  1. great post

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