“What’s For Dinner Sweetpea?”

So, the dude got hitched.

His friends congratulated him: the single ones murmured counsels of a naughty nature, the married ones donned an experienced smile which said “give it six months and let’s see what you have to say then!”, while his band of brothers showered upon him generous pats on the back as a symbol of empathetic support in face of this  “self-sacrificial” act 😀

The groom wore a look of reluctant happiness mixed with angst at the prospect of letting go of his bachelor ways for good.

His profile across multiple social networking platforms was flooded with congratulatory messages, which came underlined with a hint of laughter (the kinds that is conveyed through pursed lips and twinkling eyes!) at the behest of one more “erstwhile free-spirited” dude falling prey to the age-old evil ball & chain.

Nobody….and I mean NOBODY wondered if the lady in question too had a bone to pick when it came to marriage!!

Why has it always been assumed that all women ever do is dream of a perfect marriage and later bask in the glory of a to-die-for week of celebration?

Has it ever occurred to the hordes that whisper in the groom’s ear “aap ka kya hoga janaab-e-aali?” with a wink that the bride too might be lamenting the loss of freedom, the loss of a perfectly set lifestyle, the loss of ease that comes with inhabiting of one’s established comfort zone??

My guess is a big fat NO.

We love the idea of settling down no doubt, but that doesn’t mean we do not wish for individual space. We love the idea of marriage and all that accompanies it no doubt, but that doesn’t mean we do not wish for off days from handling it all.

So a little understanding and empathy towards a modern woman loosing a life of total abandon would surely help! Humph!

And while I have been busy jotting down this, the hubby has already called twice for a bottle of water and some snacks….aaaaarghhh!



~ by eugenicist on February 5, 2012.

4 Responses to ““What’s For Dinner Sweetpea?””

  1. To me settling down is all about settling down with yourself. Some people call it “Maturity”; I call it “intelligence”. Well they are right. Some people crave after freedom all their life and some people are always ready to sacrifice their lonely bachelorhood in lieu of being with some beloved one. Compromises are required everywhere. Be it your workplace or your home. But at the end of the day if there is selfless love between two then everything is well and good and you are all set to go.

    Anyway it was a nice read. Short and specific. Loved it.
    if time permits please visit and comment on my blog : http://saikatscribble.blogspot.in/

  2. 😛 ….. I can’t agree with you more :)….

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