Thus Far

On her eyes was cast a blindfold, when life came around humming “Lo..and behold”

It had been topsy turvy so far, even though she refused to wail and spar

Like most surviving it blow by blow, she too tried at all times to go with the flow

But life had other plans up its sleeves it seemed, it meant no ill she hopefully deemed

A shaky tear on the lid, a smile clinging on her lips

A choice was what she had tried to grasp by nervous fingertips

Mulling over it all, she sat some time down the line looking at the expanse above

“There is a difference between a Great, a Right, and a Timely Love…”

And not all three can be yours…


~ by eugenicist on November 10, 2011.

11 Responses to “Thus Far”

  1. And its a vast difference!

  2. love the conclusion in the end,

    well done.


  3. The fists stay up as the feet go forward.

  4. This is so sweet and so sad… makes me wonder which one she chose…

  5. love this.

    glad to meet.

    join us today, have fun!

  6. Happy Thursday.


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