“Are you happy?” He asked (A short story)


She sat typing with sweaty hands, as her eyes occasionally filled up of their own volition.

Lavender tried hard to control her trembling fingers, but it didn’t look like that was going to happen. She finally gave up and leaned back against the headboard of her cozy, little bed.

She tried to logically decipher what was happening to her. Only one word seemed to pop in her head time and again. It was Anxiety! A good old case of nerves..that’s all!

She was anxious! Yes! That’s what it was. And it was completely natural for someone in her position to be feeling so.

Lavender took a shaky breath and tried to bunch all her fears and contained frustrations under that one head of an adjective.

There was too much at stake here, too much changing around her, too many complications, too much that had gone wrong in the past, too many feelings that were threatening to overwhelm her, too many expectations, and amid all this…too many differences.

No wonder she felt like she was about to drown….in the deep end of the blue.


It refused to go away. It was like a knot within himself, like a twisted piece of wire in his gut.

Aaron stood on the porch with a prayer on his lips, a sigh in his heart and a wistful glint in his eye.

Things had to take a turn for the better…not just seemingly, like they appeared to as of now, but literally so. Both for him and her.

“If only…..”, he breathed.

If Aaron (the enlightened one) had a penny for every time he had thought of that phrase, he would be at this moment rolling in a heap of dough as high as the eye could see.

He knew it was not just him facing this turmoil, and that probably made it even harder.

Dead ends are easier to get over than now redundant possibilities, that could not be explored while time stood on their side, but which held the promise of a better future, which held the promise of beholding a vision which stars a content and smiling you.


Aloof and laid back. A guy who gave in to his moods much too easily. A man of little patience, owner of a kind heart, boasting of an enormous capacity for fun, but also seemingly deficient in emotional quotient.

It took Ezekiel much time to absorb and react to life around him. It was only the most obvious of incidents and happenings that left a mark on the man.

Or so it seemed to those on the outside.

An introvert by habit and impulse, an extrovert at heart – Ezekiel was a tough nut to crack.

Days would pass before any of those near or dear to him could register any sort of impact they had had on him, in whatsoever way possible. He claimed to love with his full heart, but responded only when he allowed himself to.

Covert gestures, such as are commonplace with women when they want a man to understand without stating things obviously in the open, were impossible for him to understand.

Was it simplicity of habit and clarity of heart, or a lack of sensitivity and feeling?

This was something best left for the nonchalant Ezekiel himself to justify.


Life was what was happening to this trio. And it alone held the answer to the mysteries it had left brewing in the heart and minds of them.

Nothing but a simple Wait & Watch.


~ by eugenicist on October 1, 2011.

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