End of Days

It flew around in the air

as the wind blew through her wispy hair

It lay there quitely on the table

strong, silent and stable

The aroma of it wafted across the room

it was in the pale light that lit up the gloom

He sat with his lids half-closed

she waited with bated breath for him to doze

The lashes were long, black and fine

his eyes looked as if drunk on wine

All this while it crouched in the corner

stealthily awaiting to overwhelm the pair

Soon, it was time time for her to leave

her heart missed out a whole lots of beats

Love stood up and smiled in his wicked way

it was Love which made her lip curl and her tears sway

She stood on the curb with a wistful look in her eye

“Oh, why why on Earth is this so hard??….a small, mere goodbye”!


~ by eugenicist on August 1, 2011.

7 Responses to “End of Days”

  1. Wonderful job of painting this scene. Love crouched in a corner. Excellent!

  2. Nice verbal visual well written piece

  3. life could be very hard indeed,
    a sad goodbye, hope for another start…

    thanks for sharing,

    Happy Potluck!

  4. Was she breaking up with Earth, humanity? Have you heard Eels’ song, End Times? It’s good.

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