The Sum Of It All

The sum of it all lay in the priorities.

For me it was this, that and the other.

For you it was this, this and only this.

Was it my error in judgment that caused this rift?

Or was this just the way it was to be, always will be?

All around folks exclaim and say..’oh! how nice ‘ and all things bliss

I know from deep within that no cakewalk this is

They say changing for love is the mark of a fool

But what if Love changes you? (I think that’s pretty cool)

Or….maybe these musings are best left unsaid

The musings of a certified emotional fool


~ by eugenicist on July 5, 2011.

8 Responses to “The Sum Of It All”

  1. true.

    masterful write.

  2. Excellent! So well said! Nice work!

  3. This is beautiful and very charming. We do change in various ways throughout our lives and no one gets out of love unaffected

  4. i believe love does change a person. for good or ill it changes.

    • Hey Luna

      You are does change you. This what makes us grow as ppl…U dont change to get someone, u change with them 🙂

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