A Picture of Myself

A little Green, slivers of Black, specks of White, some of Red and lots of Yellow

Am Grey in shade, but in nature am all Mellow

Not Tall, not Tiny…am very much there for all to see

A Nothing-Out-Of-The Ordinary face, which is usually lit with Glee

Hair; darkest of browns, poker straight and thin

Emote I do well…mostly answering in a Grin

Eyes are Brown, with wispy lashes that don’t much curl

I am , what you may call, your average neighbourhood girl

Now not-so-young, life has mended my ways

I long let go of my rosy shades to bask in the terrible beauty of real days

Megha Sharma


~ by eugenicist on June 21, 2011.

8 Responses to “A Picture of Myself”

  1. I love that last line! You’re a beautiful woman with a charming smile =)

  2. wow.

    amazing imagery.
    you rock…

    Happy Wednesday.

  3. rhymes hidden in words which are uncannily hidden with Praise ….

    Like IT a LOT

  4. Funny, informative, and a bit strange.

  5. I don’t know who u r? But really inspired by ur self potrait
    Hope to read sumthng like this soon again..

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