Confessions of a Drama Queen

He stood in front of her, smiling indulgently, as the girl jumped gaily with her mouth gaping open and eyes wide with surprise – in a response that was as dramatic as it could be.

She then grabbed the gift with both her hands and flaunted her toothiest grin ever, one that would have easily put winning beauty queens to shame 😀

“Ah haaa!” I hear you all say….

Yes, you guessed it right..the not-so-young girl in question here was none other than me, and the occasion was my not-so-young-anymore birthday party 😛

Oh, how I love gesticulating and expressing in any which way possible!

From ‘Pageant Winning Smiles’ to ‘Wide-Eyed over-the-top exclamations of Horror’ to the much-extended ‘Awww’..I love them all.

To express oneself well is also nothing short of an art. The suffocation that accompanies the inability to put what one feels into words or expressions is  excruciatingly painful, to say the least.

Us humans were crafted to express, and not doing so is sinful in my view!

When eyes have been accorded the power to cry, don’t be shy of shedding a few tears. When your lips can curve to create something so beautiful in the split of a second..pray do so as often as you can.

Experience, Emote, Express and Enjoy. This is life indeed…

Megha Sharma


~ by eugenicist on May 31, 2011.

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