And Finally… (A Short Story)

Weather-beaten but resilient, open to risks but cautious still, pining but unlucky in love so far. This was Neesa, when the year 2010 dawned upon the world.

Busy streamlining a horde of familial responsibilities, the girl was increasingly losing sight of her own life. Frustrating it sure was..but a girl’s gotta be tough at times.

At the behest of her very worried mother, Neesa had agreed to let herself become a part of some disastrous match-making projects.

And boy, was she now thankful none of them took off!

A chance mention by a friend, a fortunate workshop, a wonderfully convenient – yet safely impersonal – mode of electronic communication, and her immense love for the sea…

Courtesy to all of the above, she came in contact with Him and soon found herself en route to the city of Mumbai where she would meet the man himself.

Cool as a cucumber, unruffled and matter-of-factly. This was the guy she met. Taller than the tallest man she had known so far, he towered above her skirt-clad 5.4 frame.

She had never fancied herself as being tall, but then again..she wasn’t a midget either. The fact that she was taller than most of her cousins back home stood to little use now 😕

A pair of searching eyes, a very boyish smile, and a relaxed drawl. He seemed all at ease, and very comfortable in his skin…much unlike the girl standing next to him.

Neesa was conscious, but thankfully her smile didn’t desert her at this awkward juncture. That was the one thing she could always bank upon.. Thank god for small mercies.

They got off to an interesting start, with each sizing the other one up [and very literally so :)]

He was a solemn yet quirky individual, poker-faced prankster of the highest order, a thorough perfectionist, a mind-boggling mathematician, an out-n-out family guy, an adventure freak, a hugely-popular friend, a much-loved son – all rolled into one.

Neesa stood glaringly at odds with this dude in every facet of his personality – right from her flat-heeled not-so-tall existence, to her incessant rambling and singing, to her uncontrollable giggles, to her way of living life through small moments and not perfectly staged milestones.

But…. (and this is an all important one too)

…love found its way nevertheless.

He, with his extraordinarily charming and absolutely adorable smile, slithered past all her doubts. What followed was a revelation of some lesser-known traits, discovery of a curious joy that was born out of accepting these differences..and formation of some ever-lasting ties.

Neesa sat thinking, with a picture of them adorning the mantelpiece in the background…

The fruit of one’s labour more than often lies not in the final destination, but the journey towards the same.

This also holds true for two people who come together in hope of a brighter future – a future where you will be much loved and cherished, a future where you will have somebody to share your success and downfalls with. But herein to…its not the aim but the path towards it that counts.

Will I consider our coming together as being ‘successful’ the day we buy our own house, the day we have earned all luxuries that life can afford? No.

The journey to the point where you discover how to make peace with each other even when things hit rock bottom, to a point where you can keep aside your ego and remember the more worthwhile love you share amongst yourselves – that is a successful marriage. “That and that alone….,” she murmured with a smile.

Megha Sharma


~ by eugenicist on April 25, 2011.

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  1. beautiful!

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