Daddy’s Little Girl

He held her in his arms, his eyes all alight

He knew she was his angel, a spark that shone bright

A rock was He, always so steady

He was her entire world, the lil girl’s mighty daddy

He held her little finger tight, when she got into a fight

He helped her grow into her own, and she flew like a kite

Time went by, and change it brought in its fold

Her daddy was still the same, with a heart made of gold

But life had other plans it seems, it played with his soft dreams

It didn’t allow him to see it all, he struggled hard to curb the last fall

There’s something about an untimely end that haunts us all

There’s a time for everything, a time to rise and a time to leave it all

Was it a mere whim of the cruel fate? Or was it a ploy to not make a good man suffer more off late?

I hope it was the latter, she thought with a sigh.

Her daddy went in peace, with not a tear in his restful eye….

Megha Sharma


~ by eugenicist on April 16, 2011.

17 Responses to “Daddy’s Little Girl”

  1. reads like an awesome daddy, a daddy’s little girl story 🙂 sweet!!!
    enjoy the rally!

  2. no regret, loved to its fullest.

    how cool your dad was/is…

    beautiful tribe.

    both of you are blessed,

  3. lovely meg.. my potluck..

  4. so so beautiful, thank you for sharing this!


  5. Very well done. The sorrow and acceptance of one of life’s mysteries is palpable and real.

  6. oh good stuff, I really do like this.

  7. what cute tribe.
    your words tickle.

    Happy Potluck!
    you rock!

  8. a lovely tribute from a lovely daughter 🙂

  9. aww this is such a wonderful dedication to your father 🙂
    beautiful write 🙂

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