“Hey! this ain’t as cushy as it is touted to be!!”

I exclaimed to myself aloud after a 15-day run at my new workplace, which is an offshoot of a department of our honorable Government of India.

As much as I hate to sound sarcastic about the sarkari mode of functioning, a la scores of cynics who keep harping on about the laxity of the same without actually striving to do anything about it, I really cannot help some of it seeping into my tone.

The cynics do have a point!!

And this I discovered as I struggled (and still do!) to hold my ground amid a workplace that was steeped in petty bureaucracy.

I realized to my utter dismay that the caricaturist portrayal of a sarkari daftar that we all laugh at and roll our eyes about when watching a sitcom on TV is not much of an exaggeration…

Like in every organization – public or private – there are people here too who put in an honest day’s work and excel at it. And like every organization there are also those who are used to working their behinds off, and thus end up doing the same even in a sarkari setup.

But sadly these are far and few amid a generally lethargic bunch that begin every morning with only one principal wonderment, that being about the type of pakodas that will be served in the subsidized canteen! 😀

I always used to believe (and still do!) that it is far easier to make fun of something, than to actually get in the midst of it and act as a catalyst for change.

Well..let me tell you..its easier said that done folks!

Its been a month and I still have to majorly coax myself each day to keep at it and not give up. But then I think….

If we ourselves shy away from working from within the government sector, don’t we also lose the right to criticize those who do? After all, a country can only be what its nationals make it to be.

So, here’s to me and my sarkari naukri

Jai Hind!! 🙂

Megha Sharma



~ by eugenicist on April 6, 2011.

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