The Remains of a Holiday

I went on into the thick of floating clouds

The land beneath but seemed enveloped in a mystic shroud

Soon I was in your land, with you hugging me tight

I wet my feet in gurgling waters of an endless sea, and revelled in its might

I rode amidst the greens of sweet-smelling trees

With the path all dark and poetically deep

Drops came down cool and strong….

I welcomed them with my arms stretched out long

This was the day I felt joyous and gay…

This was a day that came after an excruciating delay

This was the day I felt you were my world, and the only one that could make me sway

Megha Sharma



~ by eugenicist on March 28, 2011.

11 Responses to “The Remains of a Holiday”

  1. How tender a piece is this… heartfelt longing for the one who touches our soul.

  2. lovely emotions you came out with.. truly a magnificent write! MY POTLUCK WHEN YOU HAVE THE TIME-

  3. sweet sentiments, welcome..

    Happy Potluck.

  4. Beautiful and vibrant are your words – great write!

  5. just awesome! fabulous poem. a beautiful poem full of love and beauty.


  6. i stumbled upon your post…

    nice poetry. feels like reading lovely childhood rhyme!

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