‘Principle’d Agony (a very short story)

Conflicting emotions stood at war within her heart, as Neesa pondered over her “ideal regimen” for the umpteenth time.

“Do I really need to put myself through this, as long as I am generally a non-bingey eater?” she mumbled to herself.

She thought of a bloated yet lovely Rosemary (played by Gweyneth Paltrow)  from “Shallow Hal”, of the enigmatic Queen Latifah, of the innumerable movies and tales that highlighted the need for a person to be comfortable in their own skin. The right of every person to be loved for who they are….and not who they could or could not be.

“Sigh!…..but what about that skimpy lil pretty dress I wanna wear??” rued Neesa.

Her medium frame was over-filled just ever so slightly courtesy some extra curves, which she would have loved to do away with! Now ,the issue was that this was a girl who held her principles dear…and the one which stated “I do things for myself, because I believe in them and not at someone else’s behest” was her favourite one.

We all do things at some point or the other in our lives that are meant to help us fit in. It’s a brave man/woman’s job to truly go out there and be their own person, come what may.

Neesa considered herself braver than most, but not the bravest of em all. And ..that’s where the problem lay. “What the hell! Just decide!!!” she yelled out loud.

“Do I need to knock off a few kilos to the cause of my general health and well being? Or am I doing it all for some hours of superficial joy at seeing myself slide perfectly into that killer number??”

“Isn’t it also about self-image? And the need to feel good about myself?”

“But then…how can I derive a worthy feeling about myself from just some dolled-up look, that won’t even last the night?? Am I not made up of better stuff that is worth appreciating?”

Neesa was flummoxed and painfully so….

“Baaah!..Go To Hell,”  she kicked out of her blanket in fury, scampered to the kitchen..and dug her teeth into a couple of scrumptious cookies, which she had made her mother hide.

The argument stood glaringly unresolved…just waiting to pop up again, the next time she stood moaning on the weighing machine 😀


~ by eugenicist on March 13, 2011.

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