Shaadi, Vaadi and All…

Band Baaja and Baraat!

Indian weddings are something to reckon with for sure. I recently attended one, and believe you me, it was a blast! Right from petty home politics to sheer desperation to high-pitched yelling matches to all-night dancing to some seriously unadulterated fun…it had it all.

Let me make clear for my readers of varied ethnicity the quintessential set up of a typical north Indian wedding 🙂

There’s a house, a bunch of highly-confused folks, reams of clothes and gifts, months of planning, heaps of sweets, and yeah…the poor bride and groom (U see, nobody cares for them much. What’s important here is the surrounding paraphernalia)

We began with some simple ceremonies that passed with relative ease and much happiness. Then came the night before the D-Day..and there was chaos in paradise!

The groom’s mother had no clue, the groom’s father had little clue, the groom’s brother and sisters thought they had some more..but in actuality they had none, the groom’s aunts had all the clues..and thus were flustered by the very large amount of information and intricate details they had stored within there poor little heads. (LOL)

All said and done, we Indians do know how to have fun even in the darndest of situations. Amid all this confusion, one thing that stood certain was the fact that everybody was to stay up through most of the night – singing and dancing. And by god..we did so! There was Bollywood, folk, remix, pop, rock…you name it and you got it!

The D-Day brought with itself its new set of troubles and nitty-gritties.

Some got late dressing up, others dressed up way too early – much to their own utter discomfort. Some walked way ahead of the baraat, while some struggled to keep pace and got left behind. Some had to be picked up from the very point from where it all began! To add insult to injury..the driver lost his way. Phew!

But did this hamper the zeal of the bunch that was all geared up to dance to glory as they entered the bride’s house with pride? Naaah!

A one and a half hour of nonsensically hilarious dance moves later, the bride and groom finally got to enjoy there place in the limelight as all the hoopla of many months gone by culminated into a sweet smiling couple, who were happy to be simply in each others company.’s to Ankit and Kanupriya..god bless you guys 🙂

Megha Sharma


~ by eugenicist on February 25, 2011.

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