A Ping! and a Pang (a short story)

The shades were drawn. All that was visible from within the gray, dank room of the expanse out there was through a razor thin chink in the venetian blinds.

Neesa strained her neck to reach the sliver of sunlight streaming in. She was tired and frustrated after 20 days of sitting in the cool, sterile grey cube of an office. The people were no better either. Though experts in their individual fields of work, they lacked interpersonal skills and the will to chatter.

“Oh darn! Its just 5 in the evening. I still have 2 more hours before I can step out to inhale the lovely breeze splaying out there,” mumbled Neesa with a sigh.

Suddenly a ping! of a sound shook her out of her reverie. This was the sound of life, the sound of hope, the sound of a better day, the sound from the land of the rolling seas.

She scrolled hurriedly on her laptop’s touch pad to see if it was indeed Him at that wonderfully tiny yet powerfully communicative Google chat window of her’s. It was Him alright. Neesa’s eyes shone bright as she typed away to glory with her fingers flying on the keypad.

All we need is that one spark to jostle us back to living from within the depths of rock bottom.

A smiling child, a helping hand, a pat on the back, a loving caress, a cute pet, a secret admirer, a pair of eyes awiting your return from the dreaded office..these and many more such seemingly trivial occurences are more than capable of making us hope again.

And… Hope breeds Life.

But there was soon trouble in paradise, when a disturbing chat pulled Neesa out of her happy philosophical sojourn. An argument had erupted out of nowhere and now threatened to escalate out of control. “Not again!” she grumbled.

Neesa calmed herself down, and sat mulling over how things were and could be. She imagined the best, then the worst..and even the impossible. But, at the end of it all there was precious little that she could do to turn time her way.

“Isn’t it best to just go with the flow??” was the last thing that flashed across her mind’s eye, as she gave into the pleasure of walking against the breeze, sipping a piping hot cup of her favourite brew.


~ by eugenicist on February 3, 2011.

4 Responses to “A Ping! and a Pang (a short story)”

  1. Nicely written, one of very few stories that I have read until the end & I really like it.
    I am sure a lot of people must have told you this already but You write really well.

  2. Beautifully written. I must say you can write really well. There was a smooth flow in the story and I really enjoyed my stay here.

    By the way, hope you enjoy reading my post too – To hold you in my arms, to promise you my love!

  3. your good

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