Oh, what a pickle!

He was befuddled and dazed. She always left him in a big, wide maze.

Why didn’t she say it all aloud? Was it so impossible to not talk amid a poetic cloud?

“I am a guy. Am I expected to read through it all? No way!” he exclaimed with a frown. She was always ready with a new riddle to make him drown.

She too was wondering still.

Were they meant to beat it all, and smile through life’s drill??

She liked to rush headlong into it all. She liked to take in love a free-wheeling fall

She liked to sing aloud all she felt. She liked to throw herself into his arms and just melt.

A ‘mis’match made in heaven, or a pair like never before?

Love, they say, conquers all..so lets see what happens when these two take that final call 🙂


~ by eugenicist on February 1, 2011.

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