A Winter Sojourn

On my sixth trip to Mumbai in as many months, I finally felt at home in an aircraft which landed me in the gorgeous port city a good half hour ahead of the scheduled time.

With the Mr stuck in traffic, I stole some precious time to do what I love the most – observing people.

A pretty French girl wiling away her time while waiting for her co-backpackers to arrive, A grumpy looking couple with a multitude of tumbling bags, And a couple of toddlers having a whale of a time riding on the luggage trolley.

 These people formed a small part of my random selection.

By and By, the Mr arrived and my trip officially began with Bandstand being my first stop.

Rolling waters, smooth rocks beneath my feet, a sunlit day and him. Perfect!

Many social visits, a movie, a stroll in a mall, three family dinners, a chocolate treat, a steaming cup of cappucino, a mini shopping spree,  a couple of squabbles and a night of  incessant television spotting later I was still dissatisfied with the amount of time I got to spend here.

Amidst all this frenzy came the high point of my trip – a midnight rendezvous in the kitchen!

My entire world lay within the circle of those arms, with my whole life dependent on them. The past was gone, the future was a blur…the present was all we had. And boy did it look beautiful!

Each moment was different, each moment came with its own smiles, its own insecurities and fears and tears..but what mattered at the end was that last vision with which I closed my eyes as I sat straddled in my seat on the flight back home.

That last vision was of him smiling his natural, boyish smile as I teased him relentlessly about something he said.

And it was worth all the money and effort spent on the trip, worth everything I had, worth everything I owned. It was precious!


~ by eugenicist on January 11, 2011.

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