The Third Eye (a short story)

She walked, wearing the hood of her bulky jacket over her damp hair, amid a smattering of rain drops.

A pair of droopy eyes peeked from beneath the wonderfully warm, black headgear as the girl shivered on the cold, windy day of infamous Delhi winters.

An auto rickshaw waited for her at the end of the wet, gravely street. She hurriedly scampered onto the seat with a relieved sigh, much to the amusement of the driver.

As soon as the rickshaw set into motion, a strong sense of foreboding hit Neesa. Like something massive was about to happen.

Now, this was the regular path she took to work every day. There was nothing new to the current day…or was there?

The feeling was funny, fuzzy..and a bit overwhelming. All at the same time.

She checked the time in her mobile, adjusted her damp clinging hair within the hood covering it, and tried to relax as she laid back in the seat of the rattling rickshaw.

But the sense of unease and restlessness refused to ebb away.

The city was crawling amid crippling cold and fog, with icy rain adding to its woes.

Neesa felt her eyelids get heavy, as she tried to ward away unwelcome voices that kept tugging at her insides.

A loud thump woke her with a start, and she slowly came to her senses to realize that she was lying face-downwards in the middle of a bustling road.

The auto rickshaw lay upturned on one side, with the driver no where in sight. Neesa scrambled to her knees and attempted to stand up.

The day had curiously turned into an ominous shade of grey. “I am sure I left home at noon…how on earth has it gotten dark so fast?” she wondered.

Glaring headlights shone in her eyes, as numerous cars whizzed past the clueless girl standing alone on the highway.

The landmarks were none that she recognized on her usual route, the road seemed alien…nay, the whole city surrounding her seemed alien!

Gathering her wits, Neesa looked around for her mobile. She found it lying a small distance away from the vehicle. She tried to walk to lay her hands on it, hoping desperately that it worked still.

Much to her surprise, she discovered that she was limping. Her right knee refused to budge into position, and Neesa winced in pain.

Grabbing her phone, the girl sought to see if the thing was functional still. No prizes for guessing that it wasn’t.

At this precise moment, utter panic hit her in the gut.

“Where am I? What exactly happened? Where is the driver? Was there an accident? What the hell was the time?”

Neesa decided to seek help, and approached the vehicles zipping past her. But none seemed to be willing to help the girl on the cool, dark evening.

She stood still, looking all around…trying to jolt her mind to action. She was a strong girl..had been out on her own for a long time now. “I can get past this..I am sure I can!” Neesa whispered to herself.

Life was whizzing past on the busy highway..with none having a moment to spare for her.

Just as she was about to give in to a helpless whimper that threatened to overwhelm her,  something happened.

A brilliant flash of a light shone bang on her face, blinding her for a good 30 seconds…as she stumbled backwards to avoid being run over by the speeding car.

Much to her surprise the vehicle stopped right in front of her.

The door on the driver’s side swung open as a very tall man stepped out.

It was Him! It was none other than Him!

“Oh God! What on earth is the matter with me?” wondered Neesa as she stood staring into the face of her boyfriend, who to the last of her knowledge was comfortably put in another city while she left home for work thousands of miles away in Delhi.

He held her face within the palms of his hands, and asked lovingly..”You alright babe?”

At this point Neesa broke down into convulsive sobs…

The next moment she opened her eyes to find herself lying in her bed. She touched her fingertips on her cheek to discover a damp face.

Was it all a dream? If yes, then what did it mean? Was there something that He was about to save her from?

Premonition, Intuition, or just another senseless it what you may. It was a potent vision, that left Neesa scared.

“Are dreams really our window to the future?” she wondered out loud.

Well…there was no way to know for sure.

The girl threw the covers to sit up straight…and was soon tying her loose hair into a knot to get up and leave for another day at work.

Megha Sharma


~ by eugenicist on December 30, 2010.

3 Responses to “The Third Eye (a short story)”

  1. awesome story.

    dreams may be windows to the world…
    lovely message sent here.
    keep it up,
    happy 2011.

  2. Greetings! Happy 2011.
    I invite you to become a participant at Thursday Poets Rally Week 36…
    visit me via this link to link in your entry…you have until Wednesday to make 18 comments among participants…
    Hope to see you in, Happy Sunday!
    your support is precious! Bless you.

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