Two to Tango

I am the rain that jumps gaily on a tin roof on a raging, windy day
He is the drizzle that wows a heart on a dusk that’s cool n grey


I am the wind that hits you in the face, and takes your breath away
He is the breeze that splays in the air, and makes your feet sway


I am music and dance – mostly chaotic, at times pure charm
He is lucid thought – at times spontaneous, mostly calm


I am the magician, he is the vision I conjured
I am the dreamer, and he is the dream I lured

Megha Sharma


~ by eugenicist on December 4, 2010.

21 Responses to “Two to Tango”

  1. beautiful prose…

  2. u are a natural poet. melodic verses with a timeless style. beautiful.
    Happy Potluck

  3. lovely writing. here’s mine-

  4. romance total romance…. πŸ˜€
    cheers sweet lill one !!!

  5. lovely imagery
    enjoyed the pace or tune of your words.
    cute writing…
    Welcome to JP


  6. I like your straight forward say what you mean and mean what you say style of love prose or poetry. I think it’s a man thing, but I tread lightly here…

  7. Melodic verse, beats of beauty and wisdom for conjuring such a delicious vision.

  8. Lovely treat for poetry lovers.. πŸ™‚
    Regards~ Sayandeep

  9. beautifully lyrical. Loved this line —
    “He is the breeze that splays in the air, and makes your feet sway” — I feel like swaying to it as I read it myself!
    and of course the last stanza — wonderful write.

  10. I am the dreamer he is the dream I lured, how lovely said! I like it! Wonderful poem!

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  12. Please consider link in 1 to 3 poems to Jingle Poetry Potluck week 14.
    We are open and will remain open for about 23 hours from now and appreciate your submission today…

    any poems are welcome.

    your talent rocks.
    share your poetry today,
    stay blessed.

  13. lovely poem!

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