Then & Now (A Short Story)

“Oh..this is hilarious!”

Now that she had sat down to think it over, Neesa was rolling on the bed laughing as she analyzed exactly what she had been upto.

This was the girl who had once almost threatened to bolt from her parents’ house over incessantly irritating wedding queries!

This was the girl who had fought endlessly with her poor mother over the pros and cons of  – what she termed – a “consciously contrived” match.

This was the girl who held notions of individual freedom so dear to her heart that she was virtually up in arms at the slightest mention of any sort of advice, asking her to curb that “fantastically spontaneous” streak to some extent.

That was the day… And then there was tonight.

Tonight, the woman who eagerly sat awaiting a call from Mumbai, was smiling at the mere thought of that cellphone coming to life.

Tonight, the woman who had never touched an item of jewellery (barring earrings) unless absolutely necessary, was assembling an elaborate collection of colorful neckpieces just to see someone smile when she wore one of them.

Tonight, the woman who was quite opinionated on certain issues (still is to some extent?? probably), was ready to adapt and accept and change and learn.

An impish smile played upon her lips as Neesa finally zeroed in on the ‘bottomline’ to this argument 🙂

Tonight, that girl of the past was a woman in love…

Megha Sharma


~ by eugenicist on November 6, 2010.

3 Responses to “Then & Now (A Short Story)”

  1. Your Neesa is some what close to Kajol in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.


  2. Hi !

    Comments for :-

    Why are women complicated and men daft? (I am not able to do the same on the website)

    The topic is like a political conflict which may not be resolved at all .Anyways

    1. As long as we want acceptance of people , life is bound to be complicated ,be it me ( a male ) or anyone else.

    2.Girls were always groomed by their mothers for the transition. Now I am not sure ,since I don’t have a sister. Have seen my cousins through their smooth transition.

    3.The same grooming isn’t there for males.Our source of info is porn, the bullshit talk by friends and what not on the earth?

    4. And in era of information .And articles with approach of ” How to fake orgasms” . Life is bound to be complicated.Where the hell the truth is?

    5.Evolving to be or almost a consumers tic society . And the basis of happiness is the possessions and appearances ,then we are for a ever ending ride.

    6.Lastly since now we are build in with ” I don’t care ” attitude, sooner or later we may find people ( I don’t know which of sexes , would prefer that) would walk around undressed. And jaw dropping will be the scenario.

    The very western or say american concept of relationship ,which we are falling for is purely ” Fast food based” ,which is shallow , hallow and straight prescription for proza. ” Its nothing but a wholsome source of complications alone”


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