A picture is worth a thousand words? Sheesh!

“The Horror, The Horror”.

I shrieked the famous lines from Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness” as the photograph opened in full on my computer screen.

Oh..what would I not give in order to get that one decent click? 😦

I hate to admit it on a public forum, but the truth can no longer be concealed.

I do not possesses a photogenic face! Phew! There…I have said it out loud!

Closed eyes, droopy eyelids, monstrous smile, a panoramic view of my dentures, messy mop of a hair…the list is long!

These and many more such unique attributes help turn my photographs into national artifacts, which go under the header of “What not to do while posing for pictures”!! 😀

The latest disaster in my ever-growing list of Crappy Clicks came on my recent trip to Mumbai.

There I was, all dressed up and on a happy high from over two hours of dancing. What followed was a series of disastrous poses, wherein I displayed all my inherent talents mentioned above.

The top honour of the Crappy Clicks contest for this trip went to a random  close-up of me, clicked ironically by my loving boyfriend :D, which had me gaping open-mouthed with my sweaty hair plastered all over my forehead!

I would have attached the aforementioned pic for my readers’ benefit, but concern for some young and impressionable fans of mine prohibits me from undertaking such a step..  (LOL)

So…I hereby launch an open offer for amateurs, professionals, whosoever is interested enough to take me up on this, to come and try click a decent snapshot of me for my kids to see 🙂

Disclaimer: Just to clarify…I do have a couple of nice shots – a la the one adorning the background of this blog – but these come rare and one in a million.

Megha Sharma


~ by eugenicist on October 15, 2010.

One Response to “A picture is worth a thousand words? Sheesh!”

  1. Good one!!

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