The Same Old Mess (a very short story)

The same old story was playing out again.

The same old heartache was making its presence felt, stronger than ever before.

The same old Neesa was shedding the same old tears in the same old flight back home.

“I can’t take this anymore!,” she exclaimed to herself, like she had done a dozen times before.

But then an opportunity came for her to fly down to see him, and she jumped at the offer without realizing that she was once again setting herself up for the same old mess.

There were issues still. There were still times when they both had to sit and think and learn some more about the three of them “You, Me & Us”.

There were still those little squabbles, which got resolved the moment one of them smiled. There were still moments when Neesa got worried about ego coming in their way.

But…there was something much more substantial, much more beautiful, a simple yet complex aspect of the bond they shared between them which made all these fears turn into mere hurdles towards a larger goal.

Neesa knew all her fears, but she also knew how much she loved him. And this is what gave her the courage to trust him with herself and her life.

All these feelings ran amock within her as she sniffled and moaned in frustration. The physical distance between them was killing her.

She didn’t need him around 24X7, as that would stifle both of them.

But, she wanted him to be within a distance where she could reach him if she wanted to do something as simple and innocent as hold his hand.

“Ahhh… the end of the day, its the simplest of joys we miss the most,” Neesa sighed, as the plane hit the runway with a rattle and grind.

Megha Sharma


~ by eugenicist on October 11, 2010.

2 Responses to “The Same Old Mess (a very short story)”

  1. Good to see you writing on such a complex issue. Best.

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