Too soon? Eh? (a very short story)

Megha Sharma

“This is how it feels to be happy for oneself,” thought Neesa, as she sat smiling graciously in front of a bunch of truly lovely people.

All dressed up in her brand new Anarkali and her favourite pair of heels, Neesa felt a nervous but thrilling sensation course through her body. This day symbolized a movement forward for her.

Old and mature enough to know that the future was definitely not going to be one large bed of roses, Neesa was humble in her hopes for the time to come. But happy she certainly was.

She sought His eyes as soon as she entered the well-lit room, but found him busy and pre-occupied. “Its ok. There’s a lot to manage…its only fair that he is a little inattentive,” she calmed herself.

Everybody was welcoming, not one was judgmental. But for Neesa, it was Him who mattered the most. All she kept hankering for, amid the happy din, was one look of acknowledgment. One look that would have said ‘I noticed..’

Was it too soon to expect that sort of depth? Was it unfair to expect a bit more?

Neesa, like always, had no answers.

There were times when He surprised her in the most wonderful of ways. There were times when He made her feel special with a seemingly obscure gesture.

But then…there were also times when He scared her. There were times she felt he only wanted her, but was wary of the world she came from….was wary of the people she loved.

Loving Him made her automatically fall in love with everything that formed an important part of his life. All these people, all these places were what made him into the man she fell for.

So, was it unfair to expect from Him an acceptance of her whole existence too? Was it just her, or was this the normal course every budding relationship hurtled through?

Neesa, like always, had no answers.

The only thing she knew for sure was that all doubts, all worries, all disappointments melted away in matter of seconds….as she rested her head on his shoulder for the last picture of that day 🙂


~ by eugenicist on September 15, 2010.

3 Responses to “Too soon? Eh? (a very short story)”

  1. good meghu

  2. Hi eugenicist,
    Loved the story. You write very well.

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