Clarity in times of Adversity

I was confused, with both my mind and heart enveloped in a self-imposed haze.The world was in a tizzy..some days of love were being followed by many of doubt.

It is then that adversity struck…and there was light. Ironical right?

How we react in situations that push us out of our comfort zone is what determines our essential nature. Do we let an adverse situation take over us completely, hence directing our responses and reactions towards others? Or, are we the types who try and control the effect it has on us?

Being on your best behaviour and retaining your caring side comes easy when the times are good. But what is the extent to which you can be there for your loved ones, when in throes of pain yourself?

Some might say that this is an unfair call. Some might argue that the others should take heed of the situation, while trying to help one get over the same.

I agree….it is unfair to call upon just one of a whole to come out stronger during a crisis.

But is it so difficult to at least try?

Is it impossible to try and retain those small, seemingly useless, gestures of endearment that makes the other person feel like they still occupy a place somewhere within you, even when you are too preoccupied in dealing with the present?

Wouldn’t doing the same help two or more people care for each other in times of need?

Maybe Yes…maybe No.

I think its a question of personal capacity here. (keeping in mind off course the magnitude of the crisis – some of which are so thoroughly crippling that it is impossible to look beyond them for sometime)

Some of us have a higher threshold for pain, a higher threshold for understanding, a higher threshold for compassion…while some of us are just plain human – blind to others when in agony.

I am now left mulling which side of the turf do I belong… 🙂


~ by eugenicist on August 28, 2010.

2 Responses to “Clarity in times of Adversity”

  1. Gyan when comes in bad times is later quotes in good ones
    intense post…
    hope u not going thru this for real…. if u are then buck gurl…. cheer up


  2. Megha,

    First, I would say that is the best pen potrayal of what every human being goes through, at least once in his lifetime. Well written and concrete!

    Second, the questions you raised are very pertinent. It is indeed during times of crisis that our “real self” is expressed before ourselves and others.

    It is very hard to retain our composure during dark hours or difficult times. I think, during these times, we also tend become selfish, most of us. Many of us, think about our dear ones, but most of us get busy in ourselves; trying to come out of that bad time. Interestingly, those belonging to this selfish lot, think that in the process they are indirectly helping the near and dear ones cope with the sitauation!

    I agree, it is not IMPOSSIBLE trying to extend our caring support to our loved ones while trying to get over the bad times, but it is very difficult!

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