A Tale Less Told

A thousand splendid suns shone bright on the days she smiled

A lark was she…threading her life into a melody

Like a wave that bubbled in ecstasy, so was she…one in heart with the sea

Living came easy to her…a budding grin amid all them tears

She liked to hop, she liked to skip, she liked to be held in a warm tight grip

She liked to sing, she liked to dance, she liked to sway like in a trance

She was the shoulder to cry upon, as it was hard to put her down

She liked the glass half-full, and didn’t let life become a mere frown

They held her tight when the times were bad…and she smiled through it all, though she too was sad

Coz her spirit was all she had…the light of hope when things went mad

Now was the time to move on…the time to take change head-on

But oh…please don’t let her die! Don’t let her wilt as new winds fly by

Love her if you will just like this…or she will be yours, but with that smile amiss!

Megha Sharma


~ by eugenicist on August 23, 2010.

10 Responses to “A Tale Less Told”

  1. loved it

  2. absolutely wonderful… hope that smile never fades…

  3. excellent!

  4. Very well said Megha
    Super cute portrait of a pleasant, strong and nice girl.
    Liked it.

  5. and who is this she? wonderin wonderin- haha you made me think and i like it! mines here- http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2010/01/23/painted-hallways/

  6. stunning imagery,
    glad to see you in..


  7. Greetings!
    Here is the end of the year awards 4 you, enjoy!

    End of The Year Awards 4 Friends of Jingle or Jingle Poetry Community

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    At this time of the year, We wish you all the best !

    enjoy some magic today…

  8. Wow…so beautifully wirtten..
    very powerful and heartfelt 🙂

  9. Brilliantly broughtout thought. comparison with the lark is superb. Optimism revealed in poem.

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