The art of bidding goodbye

The cab screeched to a sudden halt in front of the Departures terminal, as the luggage flung forth violently in the back of the vehicle.

My heart lurched a beat, as the realization hit that ‘this is it’. The airport that lay sprawling in front of my eyes was once again ready to lend my crying self a sympathetic shoulder to lean on.

I braced myself against the usual teary-eyed onslaught, and to my immense delight succeeded to an extent too. But alas..that was not to remain so.

What is it about airports that makes you all weak-kneed?

There have been times when I was extremely happy for the person to whom I was bidding goodbye, yet there was this sense of something leaving me…of something slipping out of my hands.

And I blame the airport for it! 

The whole place has this aura…this highly contagious air that makes you all gooey inside.

Today too I bid my goodbye with a forlorn heart, but relatively dry eyes.

I was about to congratulate myself on this achievement when I sensed a big, fat drop roll down my cheek as I walked past the glass partition.

I attributed it to a momentary lapse of my guard against the wretched airport, but momentary it wasn’t.

The big, fat drops rolled down uninhibited as I sat staring at the pouring rain through my taxi’s window on my way back.

The startled gaze of the driver forced me to hurriedly wipe my eyes clean of every emotion.

“Darn it!” I said to myself…”the stupid airport got to me again.”


~ by eugenicist on August 16, 2010.

3 Responses to “The art of bidding goodbye”

  1. Each time we say goodbye a part of me dies
    Difficult it is to bid farewell to those sparkling eyes
    Them perfumed long locks turning all the way around
    Knowing won’t get to see them for time unknown
    each time u say goodbye and part of dies….
    u written it amazingly painful of how a farewell seems

  2. Beautiful! Simple expression to define separation..loved it

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