I feel…therefore I am (A short story)

Megha Sharma

She was scared…scared of it being all too real, scared of dreams that threatened to come true, scared of the heartbreak that would follow if they didn’t.

She was now scared to dream. And he too had warned her against it.

Neesa mumbled to herself as she shifted uneasily in her window seat of Flight IG-786 to Mumbai.

“Please tighten your seat-belts. We are running into some turbulent weather,” boomed the pilot’s voice out of nowhere, as the girl startled out of her reverie to realize that her plane was shaking violently somewhere in the middle of the never-ending sky.

Neesa gulped and managed to calm her frayed nerves, even as a couple of women vented their fear in the form of bloodcurdling screams, that shook up the fellow travelers more than the rough weather itself!

She re-opened her tightly shut eyes to feel the plane now gliding smoothly amid the placid clouds. But her heart was aflutter still.

Neesa tried hard not to think, not to hope, not to feel…but she was a human being after all.

And that too, sadly, one of a pertinently emotional variety. The kinds who felt everything more acutely than most others. This particular trait of hers was of little help in the present situation.

But then, did she really want to alter that bit of herself? No.

Because that is what defined her. The ability to feel, the ability to shed a tear, the ability to smile with all her heart in it, the ability to love.

She was the kinds to risk it all to give somethings a fair chance at success. After all, someone did get it right when they said.. No Pain – No Gain.

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~ by eugenicist on July 27, 2010.

One Response to “I feel…therefore I am (A short story)”

  1. ……..and, by Jove, she’s right!!
    The bearing of Pain has an interesting side effect – retrospection on how one addressed it reveals one’s innards. Brutally educational it is too.

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