Winged Mystery

Megha Sharma

It was a cold, dank day…

The girl was a feeling a bit messed up in the head. She was feeling a bit out of control.

The need to do something random, something eccentric, something spontaneous assailed her very strongly. After all, this streak was exactly what represented her personality.

Random, Eccentric, Spontaneous and Illogical was what she was….had always been.

Small things affected her more…big shocks and events, deeper experiences with pain failed to surprise her.

She internalized them all too well…much to the discomfiture of those around her, who maybe expected to see a woman shredded to tatters but instead faced an unusually calm face, which didn’t hesitate to break into a smile even then.

So, that day she decided to subject herself to some pleasurable pain.

Amidst a myriad humming and buzzing of needles, a pattern began to take shape.

A pair of wings, shaded and mysterious, appeared all set to take flight. Appeared all set to tease and tantalize 😉

And that, made her gleeful once again!


~ by eugenicist on July 13, 2010.

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