Sugar, Spice and a little bit of the Sour…

My life is not memorable for any one grandiose, epic moment – but, a barrage of small, seemingly trivial incidents and memories are what I cherish the most.

The day I lost a slipper to the now-barely existent Delhi monsoon. The day the sun shone brightly, precisely at the time when I came out for a stroll on a chilly winter morning.

That day of utter hunger, when I ate the one thing that I can’t stand even looking at – like anyone ever ate “khichdi” by choice! Uff!

Then, there are also delectable moments of the other kind 🙂

Like the day, when the first guy who asked me out fell off his bicycle in front of my house, trying to steal a glance at the girl peacefully watering her plants.

Or, the day a bumbling teenager went on his knees amidst a crowd and asked me to marry him – courtesy a juvenile game of Truth or Dare!

Guess what I am trying to articulate here is, that the woman who puts you to bed after you have puked the alcohol consumed will always be more important than the scorching hot vixen who gave you a nudge at the party earlier.

He, who grabs me by the hand every time we are faced with a crowd or an uneven road, is the one to cherish. He is the one to be loved and valued.

Everything, including every one of those very obvious deciding factors – like looks, wealth or stature – melts away in the face of genuine concern and affection.

The art of living lies in recognizing these people, these moments and never letting them go.

Megha Sharma


~ by eugenicist on June 24, 2010.

15 Responses to “Sugar, Spice and a little bit of the Sour…”

  1. Very true!!
    Beautifully written and expressed…
    Am new to this site and just getting in to it..
    I found ur write ups truly mindblowing…
    Keep up the gud work….

  2. “looks, wealth or stature” are the advertisements to might/might-not be a fair deal.
    Unbiased eyes are the only key to opening a door for letting in a ‘outlier’ 🙂

    Wonderful writing, loved it 🙂

  3. Loved the way you wrapped a valuable message in plain narration..there will be lot of people whom you will love but always treasure those who love and care for you. Nice post.

  4. every second counts doesn’t it. this is what makes it memorable.

  5. Nice post with a beautiful message written in a light hearted manner. Will be back to read more of your posts.

  6. Beautiful … simple lines with great meaning !!

  7. I agree. Any person worth his/her salt shaker would agree with your thots.

    The trick is in keeping the hearth warm as the human mind is fickle when it comes to memories of those first impressions coz they tend to become second nature over time.
    In the very mortal words of Janet Jackson, ‘what have you done for me lately?’

    • Haaa! Now that’s food for thought sir…

      PS: I think it was stroke of genius to quote Ms Janet Jackson thr “What have you done for me lately?”


  8. well done…it atleast initiates a thot process.. loved it..nice array of words…

    do stop by
    ur feedback awaited, n promote it if u feel so…

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