And there she was…

…in the midst of an alien city, with very little to hold on to and a whole web of spurious facts that she had spun back home in order to make this trip happen!

The rolling waters took a backseat this time around. Unlike before, the sea wasn’t the primary reason for her being there.

He was.

Considerate and chivalrous, the man was a stickler for details. He wanted everything just right..just the way he envisioned it.

She? She was just going with the flow..

He took care of it all…the stay, the food, the drive, the view, the works!

But he was no traditional ‘wooer.’

Forthright and clear, he was a man of strong likes and dislikes. Even outright critical at times.

Her spontaneity thus came into direct conflict with his set standards, his impatience.

But then…he had an adorable smile of a rebuked,  naughty child when feeling shy.

And she? She had the complementing patience and the urge to wait and see what more that cutely embarrassed face held behind itself 🙂


~ by eugenicist on June 7, 2010.

4 Responses to “And there she was…”

  1. BEautifully written….enchanting writing style

  2. sometimes i feel that like i dont have a partner ..sometimes i feel like my only friend is the city i live in…. i drive on the streets for shes my companion…
    Red hot chilli peppers … ur blog reminded me of this song…
    u wrote it really nice.

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