Special Encounters of the Third Kind!

Megha Sharma

The shrill sound of the doorbell trilled in my ears, as I slid off my bed and walked into the drawing room to find three very large-built women trying to jostle their way through my humble door.

I rubbed some sleep off my eyes to preen curiously, only to discover that these were no ordinary women, but eunuchs – all seemingly charged up to raid my place – as we all stood horrified in our varied states of undress!  🙂

Then began the incessant rattling, which I decoded at my own pace to be able to understand that they were here to collect the customary donation, which families all over India offer on an auspicious occasion.

The only glitch in this particular case being that, as of this morning, my brother’s impending marriage was still a good 10 days to go.

So, why are they here? I scratched my head in wonder, while my poor mother scuttled through the lobby gathering cash.

It soon transpired, that owing to certain previous engagements the concerned group was off to a trip, and hence wanted a booking amount from us – on the promise that they will duly come and bless the newlyweds  as soon as they are back in the city…

WTF! I thought, only to be rebuked by my mum, who wanted me to shushh immediately!

The tone of my day was set by now, began as it did with this wonderful encounter…

The regally-dressed “lady” smiled eerily as she tucked the crisp currency notes in the waistband of her salwar, humming all this while, “nazar laagi raja tore bangle pe…..”



~ by eugenicist on April 6, 2010.

2 Responses to “Special Encounters of the Third Kind!”

  1. “Third kind” !?! I want to give it a term analogous to racism but i guess there is no such word. Inhuman, yeah that will also do fine, INHUMAN.

    P.S. there is a “human” in “inhuman” too! Ah! now what shall I call ya :-/

    • Dear Prateek..

      Its a humorous take on the incident, and the befuddling concept of them asking for an advance from me. It was never intended to be racist to their kind…I tender my apologies if it came out in that way.


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