Fuchsia, Purple and Some… (a very short story)

Megha Sharma

Overwhelmed, and majorly so.

Neesa was at a loss for words when faced with the searing intensity of emotion and affection being showered upon her by him.

Her evaluation of her own physical beauty was never a very optimistic one.

Always the one to consciously keep delusional assessments of the self at bay, Neesa had made herself believe that she was nothing out of the ordinary.

A decently fit (once fat, now fit) average looking woman who had a simple and elegant taste in clothes, is where her definition of herself began and ended.

As regards her nature – Neesa knew she was a multi-faceted personality. A true-blue Gemini who was moody, stubborn and wild while being insanely polite and irritatingly self-sacrificial at the same time.

Sugar and spice..and everything nice? Well…not always 🙂

But he begged to differ. And very persistently so!

Is he speaking in earnest, or is he in throes of a momentary fevered infatuation? she wondered. He is a good guy…a worthy guy, Neesa sighed. But….

Though enjoying and basking in the heart-felt adulation, she was acutely aware of the fact that this was never to be.

Why? Well…there was nothing and nobody to blame here. It was simply the way it was…not meant to be.

Did she really wish for it to be something more? Neesa didn’t know, neither did she sought to introspect on the same.

She willed herself to not mull over it and vowed to keep it light – for both him and her. After all…he was and will remain a dear friend.

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~ by eugenicist on March 7, 2010.

2 Responses to “Fuchsia, Purple and Some… (a very short story)”

  1. Dear Choclate Lover,

    read the short stories with interest. Keep on writing more.

  2. Haha…
    Well well…
    I could totally connect to that one, for a lot many reasons.
    You can consider the boy to me and, now the rest is history.
    That was really so true.

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