What Goes Up…

…must come down.

Shoot! That’s the darned law of nature, and I can do zilch about it.

An overwhelming surge of happiness, of elation, of content is bound to be followed by a fall from grace. Isn’t it?

Or is the heart wrong in failing to reap the fruits of that sense of high, being too busy as it is in dreading the probable fall in the future?

Nothing lasts forever..well, almost nothing lasts forever. So, it seems that mulling over the shelf life of your present state of emotions is futile.

The way I see it, or rather the way I desperately hope to view this, is that the present is what lies in my hands. Herein lies the only realm where I can deal my cards the way I want, while dancing to my own song.

The past…the future…the could and the should haves  – are all a blur.

But, the dread refuses to ebb away.

Just yesterday night, Newton – with his laws of gravity – came haunting me as I lay dreaming my happy dreams.

“What goes up…comes down missy!” he whispered with a grin 🙂

Megha Sharma


~ by eugenicist on February 28, 2010.

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