Pursuit and Reality

Megha Sharma

Oh…what a pickle!

What should my “Relationship Status” be on Facebook? I am not exactly seeing anyone? But then, am I really single? Would I be open to dating if someone approaches me based on my “Single” status?

Oh..what a pickle indeed!

This is all that I have been exasperating about over the last one week.

Social networking profiles are serious business in today’s times. The details and the information posted on the same have to be just that – carefully engineered to reflect carefree spontaneity!

Now, my peculiar situation in this case lend me incapable of taking that decisive plunge on FB.

With so many of my peers, friends and family maintaining a close watch, I am more often than not at a loss when it comes to contriving my virtual persona. And this time too it was no different.

So I mulled and I mulled, as my not-so-quite exciting love life played like a show reel in my mind’s eye.

Relationships have a tendency to go their own way, to chart their own path. One labors to grab even a small amount of say in their fate, but alas! life always manages to seize the last laugh.

And what do we do amidst all this? Well, we just continue to hope.

We continue to look forward to that one elusive moment when the pursuit of happiness will transform from being a chase to a reality, when the journey will atleast momentarily give way to bliss.

With these and other such musings crowding my head, I sat absentmindedly assessing my stand.

It took me many moments of considerable trepidation to come to a conclusion. And thus, today my FB profile is simply adorned with the following:

Single but emotionally unavailable 🙂


~ by eugenicist on January 26, 2010.

4 Responses to “Pursuit and Reality”

  1. Well yes that sure true….Guess that suits me too 🙂

    • Ya…its comforting to know there are others who have gone through such trials. Misery doth love company indeed…

      Hope you find time to read more

      Megs 🙂

  2. i wish there are no close watches on ur blog 😉 ..

  3. found the blog through indie blogger . like it 🙂


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