Closure (a very short story)

Megha Sharma

Ahh…it was done at last!

It concluded exactly the way Neesa had feared and imagined it would. She had hoped, and wished for a radically different ending though.

Now, the only thing left for the woman to do was to make herself believe this fact. Realise, Accept, Forgive and Forget.

“It’s easier said than done,” she thought to herself, with a wistful smile lingering flirtingly on her lips.

Life has always been symbolically represented in the form of a circle. An entity complete within itself with no gaping holes or fissures.

Open-ended conversations, situations and existences always leave one gasping for air amid numerous assumptions and presumptions.

Neesa’s heart was caught in a similar quandary, left to suffocate and wither gradually in an uneasy vacuum. She sought resolution, she sought completion.

Her insides were bursting at the seams with unanswered questions as a host of unkempt promises continued to haunt her.

But this was not be.

A minuscule conversation was enough to make her realise that whatever little influence she held, or imagined holding at one point, over the individual in question was now clearly a thing of the past.

And that one realisation was a small but definite step towards her freedom. Her freedom from heartache, from baggage, from failure.

It was a threshold that she needed to cross to arrive at something new. Good or bad, it would atleast signify a movement forward for her.

Taking a deep breadth in, Neesa wiped the perspiration off her brow and sat mulling what song to listen to next, as a small smile dared to play upon her long-drooping mouth.

In a sudden flash before her eyes,  she was reminded of a heartbroken but proud Rachel telling Ross in front of millions of couch potatoes, “And that, my friend, is something you call Closure!”

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~ by eugenicist on January 19, 2010.

7 Responses to “Closure (a very short story)”

  1. This is very nice! What is it from?

  2. well nice .. but Rachel din say that in front of millions, she said that through phone from a restaurant.

  3. well .. okay !! ..

    .. btw dropped by coz i have a cousin named Megha Sharma in Delhi 🙂 .. thought it was her

  4. Really nice post and i liked your blog design..Looks truly professional..

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