The Last Sigh

Megha Sharma

“If I had known the last time I kissed you, that it was the last time…I would have never let go.” (Friends)

But we never get to know…do we? We never realise that this might be it, until it slips out of our hands to be lost forever.

That one moment of clarity about the future of things, the future of relationships eludes us all. Regrets, ruminations and resolutions follow, but to no avail.

Love is indeed hopelessly blind, deaf and sometimes even mute!

A feeling heart will always err atleast once before it strikes it right somewhere. A logical brain is less likely to blunder, though all calculations and theories have provenly failed when pitted against raw emotion.

Why that happens is a question that has haunted thinkers and philosophers since time immemorial.

BUT – and this is a big one – not all situations, not all people warrant such feelings and efforts from us. Many a times, nay, most of the times we bestow our best where it is not needed…where it is not desired.

I guess what I am trying to say here is that that last sigh, that last tear, may just be a prelude to a last laugh. A last laugh that will signify your victory over past regrets, past heartaches.

A last laugh that will be the first of a better life…the first coming from a much-loved you.


~ by eugenicist on January 7, 2010.

6 Responses to “The Last Sigh”

  1. Yes indeed you never know whats coming next… may be thats the fun part. The day things become predictable then well its just so boring… 🙂 and of course there learning that comes out of every situation and relationship…

  2. Wow.
    I’m kinda left searching for words now after reading that mesmerising post – the last sigh.
    Maybe no words are required.

    I’m going to be back here for more. Keep it coming.


  3. Wow !!

    Megha – I can’t believe seeing this awesome creation of yours !!
    The genes of great literature have purely passed on well – I just came across your blog thanks to FB but what I see is simply awesome …

    I hope u remember this not so good in literature guy from your School

    At present I’m at loss of words of praise – but seriously .. superb !!

    Keep writing – I’m hooked !!


  4. Hey…’sexy writer baby girl’ Megha…the post is beautiful and surprisingly…is a reflection of what I am feeling now…I could have never said it better… 🙂

  5. Praising u is like showing diya in front of sun….u weave words so Fantastically that it sounds so lyrical. I blive its an art u got from god….keep it up Meghaji…

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