Scarlet Dreams (a very short story)

Megha Sharma

Dreaming was something she had given up on long ago. She inhabited a world of partial lucidity, even when in throes of deep sleep.

But this was not forever to be.

Neesa had recently begun to dream again. Hope had sneaked back into her life bringing dreams in her wake.

Yes, Hope was the culprit. She was the one to blame.

The girl now dared to nurture wishes and aspirations for the future. And to be fair to Destiny, not everything was as bad as Neesa had feared it to be. Things were starting to look up…or maybe, she had learned to adapt.

The quest for joy is something that is unique to each individual. There are those of us, who are willing to derive joy from things and situations that are within their grasp in the present.

And then there are others, who prefer to wait till an idyllic state of existense manifests itself in front of them – giving them a valid reason to be joyous.

Either way, Life was not as blue as before. The hues of vermillion, pink and lilac resurfaced to lend some color to Neesa’s existense.

But Love was shy still. It was the one thing that still eluded her grasp.

Neesa had gambled for happiness, for fulfillment by opening her heart to newer experiences. But it was a gamble nevertheless, and thus possible loss was something that she could not completely rule out.

With each passing day she became more and more aware of the precarious situation she had let herself in.

Was this too to end the way it did the last time around? Was she waging a losing battle yet again? Was it another Dead End to a one-way road?

Only time had the answers to the same, and all Neesa could do was wait and live her life in the meanwhile to the best of her capacity…

“Better never to have met you in my dream than to wake and reach for hands that are not there.”  – – (Anonymous)


~ by eugenicist on December 26, 2009.

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