Confessions of an emocionální blázen

Megha Sharma

Distancing yourself from the everyday, the routine, life and the people in it comes very handy in leading a peaceful, unfettered existense. Devoid of any ups and downs, devoid of any pain and ecstasy..comfortably numb.

Recently, I have been in twin minds over such a mode of living and all it entails.

Till some time back, I was a confirmed believer in the concept of ‘feeling’ and the importance of it.  To feel – be it sorrow or happiness, dejection or elation – is always better than a hollow vaccum. Or is it?

Lately, I have started wishing for a wee bit of that vaccum to engulf me. I think I need to cultivate some amount of indifference in order to feel less, in order to avoid pitfalls, and in order to be relaxed.

An easily excitable and too cheerful a nature is of little help in face of rejection and suffering.

I consider myself one of those who are too spunky to be down for too long, but with that spunk comes a keen sense of perception too, a heightened awareness.

And this presents a problem when all you want is for things and situations to not affect you.

Maybe it is a cheap way out, but then I am not sure I will be able to see myself through it.

After all..I do love them damn tears, and them damn giggles way too much to imagine my life without an exclamation mark in it!


~ by eugenicist on September 23, 2009.

7 Responses to “Confessions of an emocionální blázen”

  1. Life is after all a journey from nothing to nothing with a few feelings sprinkled in

  2. Hey!!!
    nice writeup and Loved the simplicity in writeup, the flow and the simplicity in blog layout

  3. its a very beautiful blog that you have here..Keep writing. I guess I will subscribe and keep in touch with your posts..left you a review on indiblogger as well

  4. Hi,

    Just wandering by so thot I’d pop in for a bit.

    Guess we’d love to do a non-violent version of the Rambo thing where he breaks outta jail, kills three hundred and forty nine people and then hums a merry tune on his way back into incarceration, waiting for the filming of the next one to start.

    Feel like that many time but sadly, we do get affected by the good and the bad. For me – which is what you seem to echo as well – what is life without its punch-ups and delightful make-up sessions, even though it might only be with self?



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  6. the pleasure is all mine. Your writing style makes the time worthwhile.

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